5 Reasons to Own a Kimono-Style Robe

"Kimono" - a word that has transcended boundaries, becoming widely recognised and embraced across different cultures. The term 'kimono' is often used to describe various clothing items, most commonly referred to as a dressing gown or robe.

So, what exactly is a Kimono?

A Kimono is a traditional garment available in a variety of prints and designs. The patterns and motifs on a Kimono  were once used to convey the wearer's status, political affiliations, personality, and virtues. Originally crafted from materials like silk, linen, hemp, and cotton, the Kimono was an everyday attire. Over time, with enhanced craftsmanship and layering techniques, it transformed into a wearable work of art, often passed down through generations within families.

Kimono vs. Yukata

In contemporary Japan, the Yukata is more commonly worn. It is a lightweight version of the Kimono, resembling a breezy summer dress, robe, and Kimono hybrid, making it ideal for the warmer months. The name "Yukata" translates to "bathing cloth" because it was initially used for bathing purposes. Similar to Western bathing gowns or dressing gowns, the Yukata was worn by bathers visiting local bathhouses. Today, both men and women wear Yukatas during summer festivals and casual events.

Is it different from a Kimono Robe?

A Kimono-style robe draws inspiration from the Yukata, with the main difference lying in the way it is tied. While a Yukata still requires the wearer to use an obi belt over the fold, similar to the way a Kimono is tied, a Kimono-style robe utilizes a simple tie belt around the waist to secure the garment, resembling a dressing gown or robe. Due to its simplicity, a Kimono-style robe is versatile and suitable for both men and women.

Why should you own a Kimono-Style Robe?

Since it takes inspiration from the Yukata, Kimono-style robes are typically crafted from lightweight fabrics like cotton or synthetic polyester. This makes them perfect for the warmer months, whether you're lounging at home or layering over other outfits. The lightweight nature of these robes allows for easy pairing with accessories without appearing bulky or cluttered.

Kimonos style gowns are perfect for lounging in

Kimono-style robes are designed with comfort in mind, making them ideal for lounging. These one-piece garments are often made from silk, satin, or soft cotton to ensure maximum comfort. Due to their comfort and ease of wearing, Kimono-style robes are popular as getting-ready robes. Women often wear them while getting their hair and makeup done before putting on their outfits for the day. Kimono robes have also gained popularity among brides, who wear them while getting ready for their bridal party on their wedding day.

Kimonos can be worn over other outfits

The versatility of a Kimono-style robe extends beyond the confines of your home. Historically, Kimonos were worn open without an obi belt or tie. Thanks to the simple design of the Kimono-style robe and the variety available, it can be easily paired with casual or dressier outfits. During warmer months, it provides light coverage, while in cooler months, a robe made from heavier materials and with a longer length can offer warmth.

Zins Kimonos come in a variety of different prints

Over the years, the Kimono-style robe has evolved. Kimonos now comes in a wide range of lengths, prints, patterns, and designs. Shorter designs are perfect for the summer months when paired with shorts. Depending on the season and personal preferences, midi and maxi-length robes are also available. Modern designs may feature trimmings, pockets, and other decorative elements along the sleeves and collar of the robe.

You can make it a statement piece

Wearing a block-printed Kimono-style robe is a quick and smart way to elevate any outfit. It can add a pop of colour and make a simple jeans and t-shirt combination stand out. Depending on your style, the robe can be used for layering, effortlessly dressing up or down an outfit. In any case, it is a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

With all these compelling reasons, it's no surprise that the Kimono-style robe has gained popularity over the years. Its versatility, simplicity, and elegance make it a must-have garment.
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