How to stay cool in a heat wave

Staying cool in a heat wave

The summer can be super hot, especially at the moment as we experience the hottest temperatures on record in the UK, staying cool is incredibly important for our health. We have put together our top tips for making sure you don’t get too hot in this extreme weather. 


Making sure that you stay hydrated has to be top of the list. Research has shown that when you are dehydrated, your body stores more heat. As a result this reduces your bodies ability to tolerate hot temperatures. By drinking lots of water it helps you produce sweat when you're overheating, which in turn helps to cools your body down. This handy built-in cooling mechanism is critical in preventing heat stroke and other potentially deadly heat-related conditions.

The general rule is to aim for 8 glasses of water a day, however Every person’s hydration requirements are different, depending on factors like health conditions and personal medications being taken. When its hot though we would recommend to always carry a large bottle of water and drink as much as possible, as you may be sweating a lot!



With the current cost of electricity the last thing we need right now is heat wave where we are dependant on electrically powered fans. If you hunt about there are some deals on energy efficient powered fans flying about and having them on at certain times of the day can really help keep the cost of running them down. However, a battery powered portable fan is a great option, especially for on the move. We also love a good old fashioned paper fan, they add a little glamour to a sweaty mess. 

drink water in a heat wave


We all know that exercise is hugely beneficial not only for your physical health but also mentally too. However, exercising in the heat of the day, when you are not used to it can be incredibly dangerous. 

When the stress of exercise and heat is combined, a large strain is placed on our bodies in order to reduce the temperature. One of the ways our body regulates temperature is through sweating which is an important part of the body’s cooling mechanisms. This is why we sweat more in hot weather or whilst exercising. 

There is also a bigger demand on our cardiovascular system. When we exercise, our muscles need enough blood to flow in order to be able to continue moving. When temperatures rise and we are hot, the heart needs to work even harder to divert blood to the skin’s surface, where it is cooled and then returned for re-circulation.

Generally, the advise is that unless you are experienced at training in high temperatures, in a heat wave try and train either early in the morning or later in the day when temperatures will be cooler. Also, try and stick with low intensity exercises. 


Avoiding tight fitting clothing and choosing natural materials can also really help on the comfort scale in a heatwave. Letting air circulate with loose fitting clothes can really assist in keeping your body temperature and hence sweat and uncomfortable chaffing to a minimum. Linens and cotton in a heat wave are a winner and try and stay away from denims and clingy nylons as they will only make you hotter and more uncomfortable. 

When it is hot there is nothing more comfortable that a light weight cotton kimono dressing gown. Their breathable fabric makes them seriously comfortable in a heat wave. The dressing gowns are also ideal for a bit of cover whilst lounging by the pool or on the  beach on holiday. Our five original block print designs come in a mid length (just below the knee) and a full length version. You can still look your best, even in the hot hot heat. 

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kimono style dressing gowns

On a final note. Don’t forget your furry friends!!

Imagine wearing a fur coat in extreme heat - sounds like hell on earth. Make sure your dog / cats / hamsters / turtles etc have enough water and shade. Close the curtains in the middle of the day to create shade and especially with dog make sure their bodies are cool (god help you trying to put a flannel on a cat) but my beloved dog loves a cold tea towel on his head when its extra hot. Remember to take them for a walk earlier in the day when its cool and ice cubes are a great trick for keeping their body temperature down. 


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