Pink is the colour of 2022

Pink is the colour of 2022

When Pantone said that 2022 would be the year of periwinkle (a lovely soft and soothing shade of light pink) it just wasn’t to be. After two long turbulent years of Covid the fashion world wanted something a little extra….something bolder, brighter and more energetic. They decided hot pink was the ticket. 

Hot pink is having a its well deserved moment. Flashes of the shade are appearing in a big way on spring/summer 2022 runways from Dior to Versace and Alexander McQueen, trickling down into collections on the Highstreet. 

For Valentino’s Autumn/Winter 20222 collection, Pier Paolo Piccioli showcased over 40 different silhouettes, all in one very distinctive colour —hot pink. His vision was to shift our focus on the details of each garment—neckline, shape, style, and surface ornamentation.

It has also been colour of choice fashion month attendees injecting the proverbial pop of color into their street style. Ever since Valentino’s collection hit the runway, Valentino loyalists been sporting this hot pink at various events. From Zendaya debuting the season’s colour of choice at the show itself to Gigi Hadid and Glenn Close attending the New York Gala.

Simone Ashley aka Bridgeton star of the moment and she knows that all eyes are on her. Simone walked the red carpet in a sheer cape and pants, owning the colour.

Look at  Anne Hathaway, who fashioned a striking  fuchsia outfit at a recent Valentino show.  Laura Whitmore, Love Island presenter, has been matching her pink hair to her pink dress, an original way to embrace the trend!!

Anne Hathaway hot pink dress

However, you don’t need to go quite so full-on barbie to enjoy this seasons punchy pink revival. Fuchsia is having a moment on the high street via a number of highly-wearable pieces, from dresses and skirts, to tailored trousers and dressing gowns. The numbers prove pink's current dominance: 

On the shopping app Lyst, searches for pink items have increased by 24 percent in just the past month. The fastest-growing categories range from bags up 45 percent, blazers up 34 percent to dresses up 16 percent . 

Google shopping stats also echo those trends. Nationwide searches for hot-pink dressing gowns, bathing suits, minidresses, designer shoes, and earrings have all increased by more than 100 percent over the past month.

We also love the hot pink trend at Zins, we feel we have actually loved it for a lot longer than Valentino, but lets not get competitive. This summer we launched a range of hot pink dressing gowns.

The block print dressing gowns come in three designs and shades of pink, a vibrant hot pink, a gorgeous fuchsia pink shade and fun pink and orange tiger print. The gowns come are in varying sizes, from calf length to full length, something for everyone. 

Pink kimono dressing gown

Made from a light and breezy cotton, perfect for summer heat. Ideal for home wear or for a bit of stylish cover whilst lounging by the pool or on the beach. Make sure you are never caught short and always at your most stylish, home or away with our gorgeous gowns.

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