The perfect mothers day gift 

Looking for the perfect mothers day gift this year? Well look no further…..Zins soft and beautiful kantha stitch scarves are the perfect gift for 2022. 

Sometimes the people you know best in the world (from best friends to family) are also the people who are hardest to buy presents for. You definitely don’t want to end up with a meaningless gift that you buy in a hurry. Instead you really want to find something meaningful and thoughtful. Zins scarves tick all the boxes.


Each Zins scarf is unique. They have all been made by artisan women from a village near West Bengal in India. The amazing women are highly skilled and each scarf can take up to three days to make. Each scarf is signed by its maker with a little symbol in the corner of the scarf, you can match your maker HERE. Many of the makers are mother and daughter, the impressive kantha stitch technique being handed down through the generations. 


Scarves are one the most versatile fashion accessories. They can be worn in so many different ways, dressing up any outfit from daywear through to a bit of evening glamour. Zins scarves can be worn in a dozen different ways, around the neck, draped over the shoulder, as a large shawl or even used as a sarong in the summer. 

The kantha scarves are all double-sided with two unique designs. Making them even more versatile as you get two scarves for the price of one! 


We have already mentioned that our scarves are made by and help to support artisan women in West Bengal but they are also made from recycled saris, saving them from landfill. The vintage sari are saved, double washed and sewn together using the traditional Bengali Kantha stitch method. There may be a few patches on our scarves, but we think that this only adds to their charm and individuality.   

Our pick of some of our favourite Zins scarves for mothers day 

Electric Blue 

This sky blue scarf will make you really stand out from the crowd. It is beautifully patented on both sides with two very different floral prints. One with softer toned colour and the other with an amazing electric turquoise blue entwined leaf print. All of our scarfs are the same size and measure 85 x 210 cm.

 Vibrant saffron orange 

Yellow and Orange sarees represent spiritualism, optimism and knowledge in Indian culture. Perfect for mothers day! This lovely vibrant scarf has such a wide range of different prints from bold vertical zig zigs, delicate floral to intricate emblems. It's a great colour to wear in the sun or brighten up grizzly grey days in the UK. 

Natural autumnal green 

The soft apple green scarf with flecks of white and mellow yellow is beautifully designed. Many of our vintage sari scarves include floral design inspirations and this scarf is not different. This gentle toned scarf is one of our favourites from our Zins Sari Scarf collection. 

Pretty in pink 

This very pretty pink Sari scarf is a mixture of bold prints and fragile floral prints. The double sided scarf has some very contrasting prints on either side. Providing lots of different styling possibilities! 

Check out our full range of Vintage Sari scarves HERE 

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