Top 3 reasons to buy a kimono style dressing gown this summer

kimono style bathrobe dressing gowns


Kimono dressing gowns are all the rage in the UK this season. The robes are really easy and comfortable to wear and are a step up from your average clunky heavy bathrobe. You will want to stay in them all day as they don’t feel like they should be kept hidden away for the early mornings and bath times. 

Easy and comfortably to wear 

Zins kimono style dressing gowns are made from light, breathable cotton, making them the ideal choice for a bath robe. The dressing gowns are made from a soft cotton material and fall to just below the knee (depending on your height of course). They are easy to chuck on a relax in, with two handy front pockets and a belt to tie. 

Never get caught short answering the door to the postman first thing again. 

kimono style cotton dressing gowns for women and unisex


Perfect to wear around the pool when your on holiday 

The fun block print designs are perfect for making sure you are at your most glamorous whilst relaxing around the pool or about to step into that hot tub.  The light weight cotton fabric drys quickly in the heat and is also very easy to wash. A practical cotton fabric but in 5 beautiful prints

Did we mention that they are also super easy to pack? They will slot into your luggage very easily, which it handy now a days with all the baggage extra charges! 

Special occasions 

The block printed dressing gowns are also ideal for special occasions such as hen dos or for bridesmaids. Don’t go with the standard personalised dressing gowns, it’s not a great look, chose a gown that is original and timeless. 

Whilst the gowns are similar in that they are all made from a gorgeous block print fabric they are all very different at the same time. This makes them perfect for if you are after a selection of gowns, all of the same style for that important insta shot but unique in their individuality. You may have women or men in the group that like wear brighter oranges and pinks but also those who like the more subtle greys and creams. We have a gown for everyone.

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