Top Tips for choosing a dog collar

Leather dog collar

Choosing your dog's collar is so important. In the UK it is also actually the law that all dogs must have a collar on when being walked in public. With so many dog collars to choose from it can be a confusing experience. 

To make life a little easier we have put together two top tips to take into consideration when deciding what type of dog collar is best for you. We may be a little biased towards choosing a leather dog collar, however we truly believe they possess the best qualities in a collar for your beloved pooch.

Size - Consider your dog’s neck size and their upper body shape.

Your dog’s collar needs to be a perfect fit. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. 

Firstly ,measure the size of your dog’s neck. Secondly, you should also add 2 to 3 inches to the actual measurement to get the perfect collar circumference for your dog. 

Check the collar size frequently for growing dogs as the neckband may become too tight as the dog gets bigger. Two of your fingers must be able to slip under the collar comfortably. 

Whilst you can use the standard flat collars for most dogs, those are not appropriate for certain dog breeds. Dogs breeds such as greyhounds and whippets, have smaller heads compared to their necks, are best suited with martingale collars. This type of neckband tightens safely when your dog pulls and stops them from slipping out of the collar without the potential of choking. 

Choosing the material - Leather collars over nylon and plastic 

Leather collars usually cost more than nylon dog collars but they make up for their added expense in numerous ways including durability, not to mention style.  

A well-maintained leather dog collar can last for 10 or more years. There are also lots of practical advantages to leather, as well. Leather collars cause less fur matting; this makes them super convenient for long-haired dogs. 

Leather will also mould itself to your dog over time, providing more comfort for your dog. Leather collars are great for your dog as the oils in your dog's skin and coat will help soften and break in the leather material – and keep it supple. This makes them particularly good for pets with allergies or skin sensitivities, as the natural material is less likely to cause irritation to your dog's skin. Rolled leather collars are great for dogs with long fur because it prevents matting.

Leather collars are also durable, designed to last, and easier to grip, which helps in the summer as well as the winter. They are more pliable than their counterparts and more comfortable for the dog owner who is holding the lead. Leather dog collars are also considered to be the best for pets as leather is very breathable. As long as you ensure the quality, they are also natural and safe. This is because they are made of a natural material, they're more eco-friendly than plastic, nylon equivalent dog collars.

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