What to look for when choosing a baby blanket

Babies grow up so fast! They will quickly outgrow their clothes, shoes and toys. Baby blankets and bedding are no exception. This is why it is so important to pick the right size blanket to ensure it can be used for a few months before it could be re-purposed or passed on as a family heirloom (what we love).

One of the most common questions while selecting a blanket for babies is what is the best size? The blanket should be big enough for the baby to be covered properly in order to see at least a few months of usage. 

However, it definitely should not be too big that it cannot be rolled up and carried around when travelling, or even worse difficult to wash! When your baby outgrows the blanket, it should be of ideal size to repurpose as something else. Each baby is unique in terms of size. The shape and dimensions of the blankets also depend on the usage. Some blankets can be perfectly square or rectangle. 

Why baby blankets can bring warmth and comfort to your baby

Baby blankets can be very important for infants. Babies require different blankets to keep  warm and protected from the cold. It can give them comfort and even recreate the mothers belly like impact. Bringing familiarity, solace and encouraging relaxation. 

Reasons to use a baby blanket, even on hot summer days

One might think that when the sun comes out and temperatures rise above 20°C (on the rarity in the UK) it could be warm enough for your baby to lie in the pram comfortably with no cover on at all. However,  please do think twice for some of the reasons below. Especially in relation newborns:

  • Your baby has been used to being protected and warm inside the bump for the last 9 months at a much higher temperature.
  • Your baby could only weigh a few pounds (especially when born), so they don't have much to keep their body warm
  • In the first weeks, your baby does not have the ability to regulate its body temperature.
  • The parent may feel warm walking and pushing the pram, but your baby is laid down, not moving to get warmer.

Zin Multi-Use baby Blankets

Zins multi purpose baby blankets are versatile in every nature. One can easily use them as travel blankets or spread on the floor and let the baby crawl. Line them in a stroller or roll them to form a type of cushion. 

The super soft cotton blankets are the perfect for gifting at a baby shower, a christening  or even as a present when the baby has grown to a toddler. They can be used for many years to come, keep repurposing them to suit the needs. 

A different blanket to the average high street brands 

Zins baby blankets are made from beautiful block printed vintage cotton saris. The designs are bold, not the average plain white company baby blankets that every baby seems to have from here to Timbuktu. Be the eye to every mothers envy and keep your little one warm and cosy with not just a super soft blanket but strikingly beautiful  one too. Be different! 

Repurpose your Zins baby blanket

Many keep their loved one’s baby blankets as heirlooms. However, ones as special as Zins are wasted hidden away in a cupboard.  Each blanket measures 76 x 102 cm, a great size to transform the blanket into either a cushion or throw. 

To browse Zins range of gorgeous and super soft baby blankets click HERE 

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