Why A Ribbon Watch Is The Best Present This Christmas

Silk Ribbon Watch

A you looking for something a little different this year as a Christmas present? It is more important that if we are going to spend spend money on Christmas presents that are really special and that those we give them to will really treasure. Choosing gift can be really tricky, even harder sometimes for those we feel we know best. But if you are looking for something that is; beautiful, a bit quirky and that no one else will have then Zins ribbon watches fit the bill!

What is a ribbon watch?

Each ribbon watch is unique and one of a kind. The beautiful fabric of the handkerchiefs is showcased on the strap of the watch and it can be worn in a number of different ways. If you like to stand out from the crowd and wear something a bit different to your bog standards fashion brands then a ribbon watch is just the present. Each print is different and made from vintage fabrics and paired with a classic round, gold watch face. 

silk ribbon watch

What are the ribbon watches made from?

Zins watches are made from vintage handkerchiefs. Each handkerchief is different and sourced from all around the world. From markets and antique fairs around the UK,  flee markets in San Francisco to vintage stores in Sydney Australia. As each handkerchief is different the sizes will vary, but they are all big enough to tie in a trouble knot. Whilst the handkerchiefs are all in beautiful condition and we will always highlight any imperfection, the vintage fabric may something have patches of fade colour, but we think this only adds to their character. Every handkerchief has had another life, if only they could tell their stories! 

How are they made?

The handkerchiefs are ironed into pleats to make a strap. Then the watch face is carefully threaded through. One never really knows how the watch strap is going to turn out as the prints on the handkerchief take on a completely new design shaped differently. 

Silk Ribbon Watch

How to wear a ribbon watch 

The ribbon watches are really easy to wear. Just tie the watch in a single or double knot then either let the ends hang down or tuck them into the strap. Being able to change how you wear your watch isn’t something you will get with just any watch. 

Where to buy a ribbon watch 

You can either browse Zins ribbon watches online at www.zins.uk and view the collection. We have new watches added every week as sourcing the handkerchiefs can be a lengthy process, we want to ensure we only buy the best quality handkerchiefs for our watches. Alternatively, if you are  out and about in London this weekend, pop into either of the wonderful shops we are stocked in: Solocraft in Elephant and Castle or Depford Does Art in Depford.

Silk Ribbon Watch
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